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(image via amazon)

I'd love to put this book in the hands of someone who knows nothing about John Waters - his films, his writing, his library advocacy - and see what they think of Carsick. Would they love it as much as I did? Would they sense the humanity behind the shock value? For those who do know Waters and his work, that Carsick is a one-of-a-kind book will come as no surprise: Waters is a one-of-a-kind artist. But I have a suspicion that this book would be widely enjoyed. The evidence is in Carsick itself - even though Waters isn't recognized as often as he is, the people who do spot him for the Pope of Trash are scattered all over the country. As an artist, Waters appeals to outsiders of all kinds, and outsiders are everywhere. They're even inside the library! Most of all, it's Waters' humanity that makes his work more than a sum of it's 'filthy' parts, and Carsick has a big, filthy heart. I give it a big, filthy recommendation.

(Pro tip: if you can, listen on audiobook. Waters is an ideal reader of his material.)