We Should All Be Feminists

(image via  contagiousqueer )

(image via contagiousqueer)

Adichie begins her book with the story of how she first heard the word feminist. During an argument with an older male cousin, whom she admired, he paused an told her she was a feminist. At the time, she took it to be a compliment about her argument - later, she thinks it may have been a warning. I have to admit that, initially, the publication of We Should All Be Feminists felt dubious to me. I thought Random House was cashing in on the success of Americanah by publishing what was essentially the transcript of a TEDx talk. But my foot is in my mouth. I'm not sure I would've read We Should All Be Feminists if my wife hadn't bought it, which she couldn't have done were it not published. This book is small, but powerful. I needed to read it. Everyone needs to read it. These words need to reach as far as possible: Adichie tells us why in the title.