Reading Roger Zelazny's  Chronicles of Amber , one of my favorite stories of high fantasy.

Reading Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber, one of my favorite stories of high fantasy.

INFORMATION connects us to the world and has the power to transform entire communities. My aim: to apply my experience with events, partnership-building and librarianship to help information organizations evolve alongside the communities they serve.

COMMUNITY is my passion. For nearly 10 years, I've helped produce and manage hundreds of events for the public. I believe that no matter what kind of an organization a particular business may be, it is essential to engage the public and foster community.

DESIGN makes everything work. While completing my BA in Design Studies, I learned that design does not happen in a vacuum: it is a dynamic collaboration with a client to find the solution they need, not the solution you want. On this website, you'll find examples of work I've done as a designer & illustrator for the University of Washington, Seattle Parks & Recreation, the Bushwick Book Club Seattle, and more.

DID I MENTION my passion for libraries? If you are reading this and haven't engaged your library yet, it's time to get started! These links will take you to Seattle Public Library, but if you live in a different system, the process will likely follow a similar pattern. The point is: sign up & begin your own transformation!